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uhh, sorry, but no.

I think I prefer slippers - what do you do when you're lounging in this and someone comes to the door? Just hop your way across the floor? No thanks.
I just bought a scanner-printer, and as a result, can finally start scanning my late grandmother's legacy: a large pile of knitting magazines from the 1970-80s, featuring some of the most god-awful designs known to (wo)man.
(note: I'm also PDFing all the scanned patterns, but they're in Hebrew, and are therefore useless to you all).

The added benefit: much potential for this little YKW community!

For my virgin post here, allow me to feature the sweater (circa 1975) that is guaranteed to test your man's love to you (especially if you get him these lovely matching pants and shirt). On the other hand, it might also help you make sure he's not color-blind.

Due to popular demand, pattern PDF can be found here: (reminder: its in Hebrew)
I don't know what to say - except, please, do *not* make this!

beware the fug!

emptying out the fug files, part 1

now for more fug ykw wouldn't touch! :D these are from the first issue of knit.1. as always, cut for number and size of photos, and supply your own snark.

Edit: i had a slight case of the stupids when i posted this. i had posted these same pictures before... but totally forgot. so i didn't want you guys to think i was re-posting the pictures on purpose. i actually have many more scans from k.1. don't worry, i'll eventually share them all. :D

newbie bearing fug

hi there. i followed ykw for over a year, and supplied them with many many horrid knitted item pictures. they stopped returning my emails last november... so anyway, i have a lot of fugly pics that they never posted. so i'll share them all with you. you lucky, lucky people...

supply your own snark.

Seriously, just no!

Okay, who thought emphasizing a bum would be so wonderful??

Hell, even my boyfriend, who thinks I look good in anything (and has been trying to get me to crochet a cropped halter for myself since I MET him), even looked at this and asked me, "why is there a corset on her butt?"

I couldn't for the life of me tell him.

Sad part is, I'd totally dig this skirt if it weren't for the ribbons.

You're fooling yourself, Berocco!

You know, I'm constantly surprised by the level of fug brought to us by Berocco. I shouldn't be, but when I saw the following pattern, I gasped in utter delight as it looked very, very much like something Hugh Hefner would wear....

But I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read the description.

"Incredibly popular, everyone wants to own this wrap and tie tweed jacket..."

You just keep telling yourselves that, Berocco. Just keep telling yourselves that.

New here

I don't have anything to post but I couldn't help but mention how much I love that the community Icon is of Wil Wheaton in the clown sweater. That picture is what led to me discovering the original You Knit What? site. Wil posted a link to their post of it on his blog, and being a reader of his blog I followed it there. I started reading back in the archives and became a loyal reader after that. So its fitting that this community should choose that exact picture as its logo! For me anyway! I hope to find more fug to share with the community soon!