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And it has a matching hat...

Yes, new member here... I'd totally make fugly things just for the hell of it if they didn't cost so much...

I really can't say much about this, except it looks like my cat just got done sharpening his claws on the thing.

But... The yarn alone costs around 300 bucks.

Now that's just depressing.
Well, let's see if this uploads...

You won't miss it if it does.

When I was a kid, I always wanted a set of wings. Then I found out, even with wings I'd still be flightless. Evidently this designer, just changed species and decided she wanted to be...

a very colorful Pterodactyl.

There are no reasoning with some choices.


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All I can say is look at her site. I had something snarky to say, but it dissappeared in a mental fog.

Welcome to You Knit What on LJ

As we all know, the original You Knit What?? blog has ended their reign of hilarity and snarkiness. So I figured why not open it to the LJ masses? We have all seen some pretty fugly stuff out there - let's share!

Also, if you guys have any ideas for the community info page, rules, guidelines, memories, feel free to post them in the comments here.